Why Latin America

Latin America, and many of our target countries specifically, have in the past been neglected by foreign direct investors due to high barriers of entry as well as political and economic instability. Over the past decade or so Latin America has witnessed enormous changes both politically and economically, leading foreign direct investors to now view the region as a priority in their strategic asset allocation.

Latin America now boasts some of the fastest GDP growth rates in the world. The region is already a major investment destination for the world’s leading economies as well as being a key trading partner with the USA, China, Japan, South Korea and the European Union. Latin America is also the world’s power house to the extent of commodities.

Latin America has responded well to past global crises due to its diversity, strong public policies and its ability to cope with the impact of fluctuating commodity prices.

This combination of compelling economic and political indicators in Latin America complemented by our regional and sectoral expertise demonstrate why now is the right time for GoldenPeaks Capital Latin America to focus on investment opportunities in the region.