Real Estate

Real estate is a diverse and growing sector in Latin America with opportunities in both social and affordable housing as well as the more established middle-class residential sector. There are also opportunities for the luxury housing market in some locations too.

Commercial real estate is an important segment of this sector in Latin America, particularly in the capital cities of our target countries who are currently experiencing significant growth in commercial transactions.The Latin American real estate sector provides diverse and interesting opportunities to invest in existing portfolios, build new portfolios through acquisitions or act as developer in the residential housing sector.

We can help investors successfully navigate the established, often sophisticated and sometimes complex, rules and regulations of the real estate sector. Our team benefits from over 80 years of accumulated experience in strategic portfolio management and green field development, including masterplanning, marketing and sales.

Our area of expertise includes, but are not limited to:
•    Land and existing portfolio, residential and commercial real estate acquisition
•    Turnkey community housing development
•    Turnkey affordable housing development
•    Turn-Key luxury housing development